Task-Teen Website Review Real Or Scam

Hi Friends, today I am going to give you a complete review of the task-teen website whether this website is REAL or FAKE. So let’s start.


What is the Task-Teen website?

Review Task-Teen is a website where you get the job of filling the resume. When you signup on to this website, you are given daily 30 to 35 resumes, which contain the information of the client. After seeing it, a form to be filled.

And on completing 1 resume, there is an earning of RS:60. So this is a website providing job of resume or data entry or form filling.


Is the Task-Teen website REAL?

If I tell you on the basis of my research, then this website did not seem real to me anywhere. There are many reasons behind this which I am going to tell you one by one.

  1. First of all, in the FAQ section of this website, it is written that this website is an India-based website. But if you check the servers of this website, then you will see US Server in it, which means that we are making chutiya.
  2. This website does not have any contact page, no chat support, and no contact number. If any user has any problem then where will he contact? So I got this thing wrong. This proves that this website is a scam
  3. There is no option to withdraw payment after completing the work on this website. Nor is it known that how much is the Minimum Withdrawl of this website. Just keep working, don’t know about the payment. Wow!
  4. Apart from this, who is the owner of this website, where is the website made, who has created the contact information, nothing is known. Which clearly shows that this website is completely successful.



In the end, I would like to tell you that this website is completely a scam because I see many YouTuber reviews on many Google. I got only negative reviews of this website everywhere. And this website has not even paid anyone to date. It means that this is a complete fraud site, so please do not work on it.

So how did you like today’s blog post and tell me by commenting? And if you want a review on any other website, then also tell me in the network. I will try to give you the correct information too. Thank you!


review of the task teen website