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Hello friends,

so today I will tell you how you can earn online, I will tell you about some such Earn Money Apps and earn money website which is useful for a lifetime and I have also experienced and used every person in today’s time. I have mobile and mobile has internet but most of the people spend their time watching videos and movies and listening to songs, don’t watch videos and songs from mobile, you learn something from me, you can earn online from mobile. You can afford your internet is the cheapest in India ever since Jio came.

Ways to Earn Money

But let me tell you that there are 2 ways to earn money online on the internet, one is long term and one is short term. And that is not a lot of money, 100, 200 thousand rupees are the same.

The second is the long-term one in which you have to think and plan, but you get good money in this, you will have

to work hard in it.


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1. Meesho App (Earning Guide)

Do not think that it will not get money, this is the perfect way to earn money for a lifetime, you can also check its rating by going to the play store, it has a rating of 4.6, and more than 5 million people have downloaded it.

Many people will not know about this, so let me tell you that there is a reselling app, in this, you can earn a lot of money by selling the product or selling or reselling the new product, with the help of this meesho you can earn 10000 or more of the month. You can earn ₹15000 comfortably.

You have to share the link of that product on your Facebook WhatsApp, you can decide the price of the product and you can also sell it at the same price.


you are getting a t-shirt from the company for ₹ 100 and you can sell that t-shirt at your price for ₹ 200, ₹ 300 and it is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay that’s why many people in India earn money from it. It has been and it can earn you for a long time, it will take you some time, but you will be able to earn a lot of money in it, in starting, you will earn only 5000 10000 per month, gradually the income will increase.

You must try it once.

2. Swagbucks Website

You can access this website on your mobile also, there is currently no app, etc., you will be able to use it only through

the website, you get many services on this website, you complete these services and you can earn money. Be.

With this short-term app, you will not be able to earn much money, yes you will definitely get a little money in it, once you try it, you will definitely get money for a short time and many people also use it.


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3. Google Opinion Reward

This is also a short-term app which has been given by Google, in this you get some service, in this you do not get surveys daily, you never get them, then you will have to check the opinion reward on Google Play Store. You can go and download it, it is absolutely free, try it once, you will earn a little more than this.

4. Fantasy Games Apps

Many people are earning money by playing fantasy games in India, many people have earned lakhs of rupees, are interested in playing games, if you have interest in these things, if you have interest in these things, then you have a good knowledge of these things, then you can make a lot of money from fantasy games. You can earn monthly

Many people have earned crores of rupees from the fantasy premier league. It is legal in India, if you have the knowledge, then you can earn even more, in this you have to invest a little money, you have to invest money on the match, dream11 is a popular fantasy app in India and in other apps like my team 11, my circle, you can play whatever you like in that application


5. Mint Pro App

With the help of this application, you can earn money for the long term, they also have their website and can download the mobile app, it will be available in both play store and app store, in

this you have to earn money by becoming an agent. Wheelers can earn a lot of money by ensuring four-wheeler insurance, and you can also do many types of life insurance and health insurance in this.

In this, you have to fill in your details after signing up, after filling in the complete details, you can start earning in it.

And you can sell insurance to more than 35 insurance companies with the help of this application and this application works in more than 700 cities of India.

If you have any other questions or doubt regarding online earning or you do not understand something, then you can ask me by commenting or contact me.


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