How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile Game

How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile Game

How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile Game: You Know PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG) is one of the most popular Games. Today I am writing about how to earn money playing PUBG.

The world of PUBG Mobile has reached 1000 million players worldwide as of 2019. It is a pretty common doubt that how they make money and how much. Here I will try to share a clear explanation of the business making of Pubg from scratch.

Worldwide PUBG has a one year revenue of around 101,00,00,00,000+ rupees. This much amount is because of the huge market share and unique model that turned out to be an everyday habit for users.

Live-Stream Gameplay Videos on YouTube

Are you a professional player of PUBG Mobile and will stun the audience together with your gaming skills? Don’t just sit back.

Record your gameplay and that upload them on YouTube.

You can record multiple videos in several maps (currently four maps are available) for a way to urge the simplest loot, the way to survive, the way to win the battle or sometimes the funny moments.

And, the simplest part is that you simply don’t need any investment except a smartphone with decent specifications which may render the sport smoothly also as a quick internet connection.


Make Money with YouTube Partner Program

if you’ve got video content that folks love, YouTube will allow you to participate in its Partner Program (YouTube Monetization through advertisements-Google Adsense).

Although the YouTube monetization option features a few restrictions, including 4000 watching hours and 1k subscribers on a specific channel within the last 12 months, one viral video can assist you to break this challenge.


Super Chat and Donation

After you channel adapt your audience can send your cash through Super Chat. Hardly any individuals additionally give take advantage of the event that they locate your game-play supportively.


Affiliate Marketing

You and furthermore usher in cash by connection online item interface on your portrayal. At the purpose when somebody purchases any item from your connection, you’ll get a few rates from the seller.


PUBG Mobile Tournaments

Millions of gamers play PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) Mobile daily, and most of them are quite hooked on it.

Everyone is trying to win the sport and achieve a far better rank or title.

PUBG Mobile Tournaments are different to prove your skills as a professional gamer. aside from that, you’ll earn an honest amount of cash either by winning or organizing PUBG Mobile competitions.


Create a Blog For PUBG Mobile Tutorials, News, and Updates

Since PUBG Mobile is one of the foremost popular games, many of us look for tips, tricks, hacks, and therefore the latest news on a day today. According to KWFinder, the search term “PUBG Mobile ” has massive 2,978,000 average monthly searches.

There are numerous keywords/phrases which you’ll target and make a blog or website dedicated to PUBG Mobile. You may add different tutorials almost like the videos you publish on YouTube or other video sites, News and updates, tips, FAQs, Information about Armory, Skins, Ranking System, etc.

If you’re a graphics designer, you’ll create a wallpaper site. YouTubers who publish/stream PUBG Mobile can embed the video content on their website.


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