How to Earn Money Writing Article

In today’s blog post, I am going to tell you how you can earn money by writing articles. It is very easy to earn money by writing articles but still, some people are not able to write articles properly.

That’s why I will also share with you a trick of copy & paste to write articles, using which you can easily make any article quick. So let’s start.


Earn Money to write Article

To earn money by writing articles, you have to go to this website, which is named article Insider, in this website you get $100 for writing 1 article. And this website gives you the payment within 23 to 72 hours. I have earned more than 10,000 rupees a month from this website.

This website tells you to write articles in English. If you are a Hindi content writer then this platform is not for you. Because only English content can be published in it.

There are some terms and conditions for publishing English content. Which you have to keep in mind.


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  1. Your article must be 100% unique.
  2. The length of your article should be above 500 words.
  3. You have to pay special attention to the heading in your article.
  4. Do not copy the article from anywhere.
  5. Your article should be on the top 10 topics.

Agar If your article has so much, then now you can publish the article, but before publishing the article, you have to check yourself once. After publishing the article, you go to the article review and you get a reply in 25 to 73 hours. If your article is approved, you will be notified via email.

When the article is approved, you get the option to make money in Upi, Paytm, Paypal. You can make money wherever you want.

Now many people in you may face problem in writing articles. So I am telling you a method by copy and paste which you can use.

Website Link


How to write an article by copy-paste?

To write articles by copy-paste, I am going to tell you about some tools that you can use and write articles. And that article will be 100% unique to you, which you can post wherever you want and earn money.

First of all, you have to go to Google and make the top 10 any topic true.

Now you have to copy that whole article

After copying, you save it in Google Documents.

Now you have to go to this website and make your article unique by pasting the article you have copied in Spinbot.

After your article is unique, now you can publish your article anywhere and you will get a lot of money for it.

As you can sell articles on many freelancers’ websites. There are many more platforms.


I hope that you have understood everything very well, how we can earn money by writing articles, if you want to know something else, then you can ask in the comment and to get such posts, check the notification of our website. Turn it on.


earn money by writing articles