How to Connect Android to a Laptop via USB Cable

Hi Friends, today I am writing about how to connect android to a laptop via USB cable. In this post, we telling you to connect Mobile to a PC / Laptop / System, etc. If we were working on our computer then we would not focus on our own mobile. Sometimes we miss important Msg or calls. Take this or write a post. If you are having a problem, you can find the solution.

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Connect Android to a Laptop via USB Cable

First of all, turn on USB Debugging by setting the developer option in the setting of your Android device. That’s all there was to the Android device. Now move on to your system screen.

Now you can set your system and download the software by clicking on the download link below. This software provides one ADB and another scrcpy. First, we have to install ADB. Installing ADB can face many problems. You can download the software as soon as it is available. There was no problem with that.

first, you extract the adb folder and double click on 15 Second ADB, type Y and press enter again type y and press enter also again type y and also press enter. install adb driver enter next and install drivers. all done!


Second, open the scrcpy folder and double click on scrcpy.exe, and wait for the auto popup live screen on your system screen.

All Done!

Click Here TO Download

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Connect Android to a Laptop via USB Cable