Google Adsense Account Approval Beginner "Questions"

Google Adsense Account Approval Beginner “Questions”

Today I am writing about some Google Adsense Approval Problems that face beginners for Adsense Approval. are you know about Adsense. Adsense is a Google platform that provides us to earn money online.

Google Adsense Approval Problems


1- Will Google AdSense approve my site if I’m employing a free blogger template?

Adsense approval doesn’t depend upon how your blog is looking. it totally depends on what is the content you provide in your blog. Is most important than anything so you have to focus on the give high-quality content to your blog. Do some SEO on your article and in the starting days do not focus on getting the AdSense approval. you have to focus on the right high-quality content after that 50-60 posts u can apply. I for the AdSense approval I will be able to recommend that if you do not have the traffic then why are you apply for the AdSense because you do not have traffic then you can’t get money from the actions and it is waiting for you so first you have to build the audience then you are to focus on the AdSense because this is my first priority if I start the blog.


2 – Can AdSense pay through Paytm?

No, because the Adsence is only paid through the bank account. you have to link your bank account to your AdSense account after once you complete the first $100 then you can take the money to your bank.


3 – What are the best domain names for a technical website?

There are so many websites that suggest the name, for example, Oberloyou can add your keywords related to your topic, and then you can get the ideas, and then you can buy the name I wish you you’ve got your answer.


4 – How many AdSense alternatives are available on the Internet?

Yes, there are many ads networks are available in the market that provides ads that you can apply on the website. but the revenue of an AdSense is much more than the normal at the network the ads of this ad network is not the friendly user. because it’s content adult ads to try to get AdSense approval instead of this.


5 – How do I increase my website speed on GoDaddy?

The first thing is if the server is very good. It can handle the high website then you can make the CDN that is a content delivery network which helps to load website faster you can also compress the images because images are the most important factor that takes time to load the website if the server is not good then you should change the server.


6 – What are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic?

First, you have to do some things like keyword research search keywords that have low competition but high traffic and implement in the article and do some SEO and you can make also backlinks from high authority websites that can help you to increase your domain rating write articles more than 1200 words.


7 – How do I become a successful blogger in 3 months?

From my advice the blogging field takes Time your blog does not rank on one day or two days it takes time but you are thinking that my how can I get successful in 3 months that is not possible because some blogs take 6 to 7 month to rank and some even take more than one year and some can be rank within 1–12 months so you’ve got to patients keep that specialize in the give the worth to the audience then they will interact together with your website or blog then it Google can rank your website for a higher position.


8 – Is traffic a criterion for AdSense approval?

It doesn’t matter what proportion of traffic you get… Just show them some professionalism and make a professional-looking website…


9 – How do I know my blog is eligible for AdSense?

You have started your blog but you are doing not know whether your blog deserves to apply ad-sense or not.

Ok, just read five minutes and think 15 minutes. you’ll have solution smart solution within 20 minutes.

Write more than 30 Articles

After registering the domain and hosting, you have to set up your websites. On this site, You should post at least 30 + articles. The article should maintain quality.

Article’s keywords with low search volume

Take the keywords which have low search volume. The low search volume keywords will ensure your rank and traffic. But if you are wrong selecting the high volume keywords, there are fewer possibilities to have the ultimate traffic.

Never select the wrong niche

Having the Goggle ad-sense fast also depends on what sorts of niches you’ve got selected. If you select Internet marketing, technology and travel, there are huge opportunities to have the Goggle ad-sense within a short time.

But if you start micro-niche blogging, there are fewer possibilities to have Goggle ad-sense. Besides, it’s tough to possess google ad-sense on the medical-related blog.

Do not use other 3rd party code on your websites

Using 3rd party code on your website is a risk to have Goggle ad-sense. If you keep another advertisement on your website, it will be hard to have the Goggle ad-sense.

Keep the interface of your website excellent

When you want to use Goggle Ad-sense, it’s better to customize your websites. Follow the websites which are attractive to look at. Try to customize slightly.

Google Analytics Code: It is another effective option that you can implement before applying for Goggle ad-sense.


10 – Is it hard to get AdSense approval in 2021?

Well, to be very honest, getting AdSense approval these days is very difficult.

As more and more people are jumping into the AdSense game and therefore the competition is increasing day by day.

So, Google is increasing the strictness on day today and it’s becoming extremely hard to urge approval in 2020 and 2021.

Now, you would like to specialize in proper SEO and unique content including the right plug-ins also Hopefully, my answer helped you.


11 – What is the minimum traffic for approving AdSense?

Hey!! there nice to meet you.

There are not any Minimum Traffic Criteria for Approving Adsense Accounts. I’ve seen many of the accounts have 0 Views but they need an Adsense account. Google Doesn’t Prefer Traffic on any site.

Hence, It prefers an honest Quality Website Just fulfill the essential Conditions for applying for Google Adsense like an SSL certificate, No Copyright Content uploaded on Site, Regularity on Publishing Articles on the location, Minimum of 15–20 Blogs should be posted on your site For Adsense Approval…

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12 – Can we get AdSense approval with 400 words in a blog?

AdSense approval is not dependent on the length of your blog post. It depends on other factors, sharing few tips that help you to get your AdSense approved

  1. CONTENT – Content is the most important out of all so here are some things related to content that you should keep in mind if you want to get your website Adsense approved.
  • Adsense has not described that how many posts should be published while applying AdSense but you should have a minimum of 15 posts published on your blog before applying Adsense.
  • Articles should be high quality and fresh.
  • Articles should be 100% unique, if you are copying from anywhere then forget about approval. Google is stringent when it comes to dealing with plagiarism.
  1. IMPORTANT PAGES – Here are some important pages that your website must have –
  • About us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer
  1. DOMAIN AGE – Don’t be too crazy to apply Adsense. some people create blogs and the next day they start to search for Adsense approval trick.

first of all, give time to your blog, your domain should be a minimum of 2 months old and post regularly on your blog.

you can post once every week, twice every week but maintain the regularity.

  1. THEME/TEMPLATE – confirm that your blog look is straightforward, it shouldn’t be more would look like a professional blog. Your blog should be fully designed and your blog’s navigation bar should be clean and clear.

The sidebar should be also absolutely fresh.

  1. ORGANIC TRAFFIC – Traffic is not a factor for AdSense approval but if visitors are coming to your website by an organic search that means that your blog is ranking on few keywords.


13 – Can I get AdSense approval if I do affiliate marketing on my website?


The only thing you should keep in mind about the site view, layout, text appearance, about page, contact page, T&C page, disclaimer page…

Your site domain age matter and also the blog posts.

Site traffic should be 100+ daily. Recommended 300+ daily visitors before applying to the Adsense program.


14 – Can I get Google AdSense approval without hosting?

Yes, you can. But you ought to understand that a website and hosting make your blog a brand and obtain enough traffic to earn from Adsense.

You can start a YouTube channel, upload original videos, apply for AdSense and obtain approval.

You can start a blog in blogger/Blogspot, add quality posts, apply for AdSense, and obtain approval.

The above two are called hosted Adsense account, which suggests you and Google will share 50/50 revenue.

If you purchase a website and point it to your blogger blog (or) if you purchase hosting and a website and begin a WordPress blog, then you’ll apply for AdSense. If you get approved, you get the complete revenue (not 50/50 share) as you own the blog.

Whatever the route you choose, you need quality posts for AdSense approval.

Hope this helps!


15 – How can I know if my website is eligible for Adsense approval?

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There are not any Criteria is out there from the top of Google. So it’s very difficult to suggest to you what are the Eligibility of Adsense Approval. But there are some important factors that are available which can show that’s your website is prepared or not for Approval?

Following are the mandatory Factors for Adsense Approval:-

  1. Top-Level Domain is Mandatory Like .com, .net, .in, .org, e.t.c
  2. Privacy-Policy, Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer, Term of Condition pages are mandatory.
  3. Minimum 15–20 Articles need to be Published on site.
  4. All the Articles need to be Unique.
  5. No Copyrighted Content or image is employed within the blog post.
  6. Decent Traffic.
  7. Apply just for the Domain, not for the Subdomain.
  8. Apply just for the Blogging Website.

These are some Important tips for Adsense approval after this you’re eligible for Approval.

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16 – Is it hard to get Google Adsense approval for tech websites? What are the best things I can do to get approved?

Google won’t check whether your website is tech or the other category. Google simply check – is website following their policies or not. Before you apply for Google AdSense complete the subsequent things :

1.You must have your own name for an internet site.

  1. The responsive theme with an easy design and a transparent navigation menu.
  2. Minimum 10–15 unique post content. Write 2–3 blog posts with quite 1000 words.
  3. About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions pages.
  4. Connect your site with Google analytics – Redirecting… And Google Webmasters tool – Google Search Console, makes your website SEO friendly.
  5. If you’re from Asian countries like India, Pakistan then your blog domain age must be a minimum of 6 months old. If your blog quality is sweet then it’s going to get approved in but 6 months.