Escape Zoom Meeting using Hacking
Escape Zoom Meeting

Escape Zoom Meeting using Hacking : Zoom Hack

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Escape Zoom Meeting using Hacking

Today, I am talking about how to escape zoom meeting. I hope all of you are alright. Zoom Escaper is a tool to help you escape Zoom meetings and another video conferencing plan. It allows you to self-ruling your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others.

Zoom Escaper

If you’re running Zoom Escaper, you can’t actually hear the sound effects yourself. But I used to be ready to test the site’s functionality with the assistance of my colleague, Verge news editor Chaim Gartenberg. Here was his opinion of the varied effects Zoom Escaper had to supply:

  • Urination: “That sounds very fake. Also, I’m not entirely sure what the plan is to sell this as a reason to go away a call?”
  • Construction: “This seems like you literally stood within the middle of a construction site. I feel the sounds got to be a touch more muffled to sell it, but it’s excellent .”
  • Man Weeping: “Those are the sobs of a broken man. But who’s crying — is it your roommate, your partner?”
  • Bad Connection: “This one works rather well. Your audio is coming through choppy and disrupted. Get off the decision .”
  • Echo: “Extremely annoying and really convincing. This seems like a busted Zoom connection. If someone I used to be chatting with had this, I’d tell them to urge it fixed. It wouldn’t be feasible to possess a gathering thereupon .”
  • Wind: “If you were trying to skive off work, I’m unsure how you’d convincingly sell gale force winds in your own office.”
  • Dog: “That sounds very real. It seems like a dog barking outside, but maybe not the type of thing you’d got to look out of?”
  • Upset Baby: “That baby sounds decently upset! this is often definitely something you ought to go and check on! Go and lookout for your baby!”


First: Go to This Site Click Here

Second :


  1. Enable microphone access on this site by clicking the big “Enable Microphone” button.
  2. Download and install VB-Cable.Then, refresh this website.
  3. Hit the Start button. Play with the effects.

To use in Zoom:

  1. Switch the Output on this page to “VB-Cable”
  2. In Zoom, set your microphone to “VB-Cable”
  3. To turn off: switch the microphone settings in Zoom back to your computer’s mic.

Note that during your Zoom call, you won’t be able to hear the audio interference applied to your voice. Also, please be mindful of how you use this tool. Consider who is in the call and what impact it will have



Zoom Escaper
Zoom Escaper
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