How to Earn Money From Snack Video App in 2021 – Earn Snack Coins

Today, I am talking about how to earn money from snack video app in 2021. Why they pay us money for sharing their codes.

What is Snack Video App

The snack Video app is just like TikTok, an online visual entertainment app. Where you can find funny and romantic videos. Actually, a funny video is just a tag you will find more romantic and dancing videos than funny ones out there. It was initially launched by a Chinese company Kuaishou Technology. Its main goal was to be an entertainment video application that people download for fun.

Download Snack Video App

So let’s download your application first before you get started. You can skip this step and go further if you have already downloaded the snack video.

Go to google play store and search Snack Video or you can download by using this link: Snack Video Download and then I request you to use this code 404-260-509 on your main account. it will be a small thing for you but it will help me a lot.

After this Snack Video will be downloaded and automatically installed on your device.

Create an Account of SnackVideo

Now you have downloaded the snack video and this is the time to set up your profile. To create an account you just need to open snack video, click on the profile icon then, sign up using any of the options like Facebook, mobile number, or google account.

How to earn Money From Snack Video App in 2021

There are different ways to earn from snack video app like:

Invite a friend

You can earn snack video coins by inviting your friends to download and watch videos on it. Firstly you will get almost 28 to 30 rupees when you invite an individual but when it comes to two, three and up to ten you can earn almost 7000 rupees. That is a handsome amount.

To invite your friends to snack video you just need to copy the affiliated link and code and send it to your friends. When they download snack video you will earn snack coins.

earn money form snack video app


Watch Videos Daily

I’ve heard about some applications that pay their visitors for watching their videos but didn’t try any of them because of distrust. Snack video is the first app that has a good amount of valuable content and they also pay you for watching their videos. Yesterday I earned Rs. 120 from watching snack video for 15 minutes.

How to Withdraw Money from Snack Video

This is super easy to do. Just click on the coin icon and then you will see your dashboard. Then tap on withdraw button just under the amount you earned. A new tab will open and will see that you can only withdraw some specific amounts like 25, 50, 200, 500, and Rs 1,200. You cannot withdraw 130 or like 270 rupees. You will need to withdraw individually if you have an extra amount than given.