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Download YouTube to MP4

Hi Friends, Today I am writing about downloading YouTube to MP4. In this post, I am telling you about how to download the MP3 from YouTube Videos without using any software.




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First, go to this site: Click Here

Now visit your Youtube video which you want to convert into MP3.

For Example, I can take the song “Anything”

Now you copy the URL of the video you want and paste this link into website URL input.

Now, you can choose the quality or size of the video and as you do it, and the site will take you to the mp3 downloader page.


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“Download YouTube to MP4”

if you create an online video downloader website follow some steps. the first step is you have a hosting (not paid) you have the money you buy the best hosting. don’t have to use free hosting. second, you have an HTML Script. you use a paid script or free both of you to search in google. if you have both you easily create a video downloader website and earn a lot of money. you have any problem you go to youtube and search “How to Create Online Video Downloader Website Free” youtube shows a lot of videos watch them and create them. thanks all!


Download YouTube to MP4

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