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DooPlay – WordPress Theme for Movies and TVShows Free Download 2.5.5 – ThemeForest ~ DooPlay v2.5.5 – DooPlay Movies WordPress Theme for TV Shows is intended to assist you with making content with little exertion, utilizes useful assets that give exceptionally secret information, text, and pictures, and furnishes you with all potential alternatives to customize your site without contacting lines of code.

Dooplay 2.5.5 has a determined store framework that limits data set inquiries, the quickest and most stable variant we have accomplished, and better than ever alternatives to guarantee you have full control of your site.


Doplay theme

The DooPlay Theme for WordPress has modified fields to provide requests and a decent glance at its substance. To further develop execution and area on principle web crawlers, SEO has precise ordered channels.

You can likewise get to help and selective substance just for clients subsequent to purchasing all updates are free, every last bit of it is forever.

Download 100 WordPress GPL files directly from inventors without contagions, malicious laws, or advertisements. WordPress GPL Products handed from MaxxWP are bought from sanctioned inventors with license keys. For unlimited sphere operation, our professional development platoon only produces a precisely actuated interpretation of the product so we can guarantee that the Plugins or Themes weren’t canceled or cracked by a third party. Thus we can give you the stylish experience possible else you get directly your plutocrat back!


Dooplay theme WordPress

Doplay is really the most effective and strongest frame, with entry to a giant quantum of content material accouterments with a single click on, absolutely optimized.

DooPlay is created to grease the work of creating happy material accouterments with requiring little trouble, makes use of extremely effective bias that current data, textbooks, and footage from veritably dependable sources, also gives you all the selections to customize your web runner without touching traces of law.

Dbmovies our import software program, has also had important changes, furnishing bettered entry to a giant quantum of content material accouterments in a number of languages.


Note: DBMVS Key – a record here and get the Key (This is the authority DBMVS site)


Worker prerequisites

  • WordPress 5+
  • PHP 7.2 +
  • MySQLi PHP Extension
  • MBString PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Twist PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • iconv PHP Extension
  • IMAP PHP Extension
  • Zip PHP Extension
  • GD PHP Extension
  • allow_url_fopen


[wp_show_posts id=”1399″]



  • WordPress local code
  • Import information and picture ( films/television programs )
  • Search engine oriented
  • Perfect and slick plan
  • Kid topic support
  • Gadgets support
  • Completely Responsive Design
  • API dbmovies plugin support
  • Interpretation records
  • Accessible interpretations ( English/Spanish )
  • API Themoviedb Support
  • JWPlayer support
  • Season generator
  • API IMDb scraping information ( rating/votes )
  • Glossary channel content
  • Player streaming
  • Counterfeit Player
  • Shortener joins combination
  • Patterns page
  • Scenes generator
  • Related substance
  • TOP IMDb page
  • Record pages
  • Client evaluations
  • Rating page
  • Landing page modules
  • Client top picks
  • Client List set apart as seen
  • Highlighted Content
  • Subject choices
  • Security structures Google reCAPTCHA
  • Contact structure
  • Login structure
  • Backing Comments with Disqus
  • Admittance to selective substance
  • Backing Access ( Lifetime )
  • Join structure
  • Report video mistake structure
  • Scientific classifications permalinks adjustable
  • Framework to share joins
  • Backing Comments with Facebook
  • Social buttons
  • Post-types permalinks adaptable
  • Free Updates ( Lifetime )

Admittance to offers

DooPlay has custom fields that will provide requests and great looks to its substance, for the SEO we have exact ordered channels to work on the exhibition and positions in the primary web search tools.

All updates are free after buy, you will likewise gain admittance to help and select substances just for clients, this is intended for a lifetime.

Additionally, you will need mod_rewrite enabled in your worker.

(This content is incapable to check if mod_rewrite expansion is permitted in your worker, talk with your facilitating supplier for this augmentation)


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