Computeroperatorjob Website Review Real Or Fake?

Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope you are all doing well. Today I am again going to expose a website whose name is review.

This website is trending a lot in the market. Many YouTubers are making videos on this website and making people fraud. I want to tell you clearly that this website is a fraud website.

Many of you must be thinking that how can I say that this website is a fraud, then you read this article completely, I am going to explain one thing to you very well. How big is this website fraud website? So let’s know. what is the review of


What is the website?

This website has been created by someone from Mumbai and this domain has been bought from Godaddy. Websites have been on the internet for 1 year.  A website gives the work of Captcha Entry. On this website, you get to give 4 plans.


Plan & Earning

Captcha Entry


  • Earning: Rs.50/1000 Entry
  • Work Limit: Unlimited
  • Deduction: 0 Paisa
  • Payout: Monthly
  • Validity: Lifetime

Snippet Entry



  • Earning: Rs.1000/1000 Entry
  • Work Limit: Unlimited
  • Deduction: -25 Paisa
  • Payout: Weekly
  • Validity: 1 Month

Data Entry



  • Earning: Rs.2000/1000 Entry
  • Work Limit: Unlimited
  • Deduction: -50 Paisa
  • Payout: Daily
  • Validity: 3 Month


Form Entry*


  • Earning: Rs.3000/1000 Entry
  • Work Limit: Unlimited
  • Deduction: -75 Paisa
  • Payout: Daily
  • Validity: 3 Month

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So as you have seen that this is the plan of this website, if you go with the free plan, then it gives you 50 rupees of 1000 captcha. After that their paid plans come, now you understand their cleverness in this.

These people ask to take a paid plan of 1000 rupees. But and on saving 1000 captcha in it, he gives 1000 rupees. Meaning that 1 rupee is saved on 1 captcha.

And they say that they can earn you 600 rupees daily in a 1000 rupees plan. That means 15,000 of the month.

Now you tell me one thing, how can a website give 1000 to 30,000 rupees from us. And not only this, these people talk about taking a paid plan of 2000 and talk about earning 1000 rupees daily, which means 30,000 rupees per month.

Friends, no website gives so much, even in Govt jobs, they do not get that much money. review

Friends, after doing a lot of research, after reading a lot of articles on Google and watching a lot of videos on YouTube, I can tell you that this website is completely a scam website and it is doing fraud with people. These people do not give you any reply after taking money from you. You will keep working like crazy on this website but you will not get a single penny. That’s why I would like to tell you that please do not work on this website. This website is a fraud website.



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