Cjinc Review Job Site Real Or Fake

I have exposed many websites and even today I am going to tell you about one website cjinc real or fake. Who is doing a very big scam with the people? And the name of this website is Cjinc. Today I will give you my genuine review of this website. So that you can know how much fraud this website is. So let’s start.

Friends, nowadays a lot of fraud is happening in the name of Online Earning, every day someone or the other gets trapped in these frauds. But I try to make people as aware as possible through my website. So that you can avoid Online Fraud.

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What is Cjinc Website?

This website works to give jobs to freelancers. like:

  • Market Research
  • Proof Reading Job
  • Online Typing Job
  • Translation
  • Online Teaching
  • Advertising

You get 6 types of jobs on this website, but this is only a job in name, there is not even one. This website is in the market for the last many years. Initially, many people applied for jobs on this. But nobody got the job.

Although there is no charge for registration in this after we register, we get a call and we are asked for money in the name of the job. Because they share our data.

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Cjinc Genuine Review / Cjinc real or fake

If I tell you on the basis of my research, then I did a lot of research about this website, and I came to know that this website is completely fraudulent. And I can say this with certainty.

There is no contact option on this website. The social media buttons do not contain any links and neither do they have any social media handles. Where can we contact them?

This website is monetized with the help of Google Adsense and AIDS runs on it. These people are earning money from the same because if you go to apply for jobs on their website, then you get to see a lot of AIDS in it and you keep going from page to page. Which is more than AIDS show in front of more and these earnings would have.

The whole purpose of this website is to earn money from Google Adsense itself and not to let anyone else earn.

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In the end, I would like to tell you that this website is completely a scam and it is not going to give any job to anyone and has not given any job to anyone till now. There are many websites in this type of market which are doing scams like this. So it is now up to you how you will recognize him.

Rest I will always tell you about such fraud websites as long as I am alive. So you must subscribe to our website notification and our channel thank you.


cjinc real or fake