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Doing blogger SEO is the most important task you have to do to rank your blog in hunt machines. I’m going to educate you on how to do Blogger SEO Settings to rank advanced in hunt machines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

After creating your blog, you have to do its SEO. However, you should read my former post on starting a blog for free and making plutocrat from it, If you don’t know how to produce a blog for free.

These are the tips that are absolutely concentrated But if you’re a WordPress stoner, these tips can help you because some tips include writing content, chancing keywords, and about meta description, writing SEO optimized blog posts, which may help you in your WordPress blogs also, so let’s get started.


1- Blog Title

To edit your blog title by navigating to settings-> Introductory Settings.

There are numerous exemplifications of websites that were the name of a popular keyword, and they get ranked soon. Exemplifications of these types of spots are food panda Numerous spots do analogous work.

In short, Include your main keyword in the title of your blog.

[wp_show_posts id=”1341″]

2- Enable Meta Description

Still, you just have to go to the settings and enable your meta description option because the meta description is the area where you have to put your main keywords for which you want to rank your website if you’re a Blogspot stoner. For illustration, then’s my blog’s screenshot below, and there you can see my meta description where I’ve used all the keywords for which I want to rank my blog.

So, then’s the way to find keywords according to your blog’s niche.


2.1- How to Find Keywords for your Blog?

Go and search the main keyword of your blog and look for the hunt-related queries at the bottom of the runner. Add keywords in your meta description for which you’re interested in writing your papers or suppose they’re related to your blog.


2.2- What to write in my blog?

This is the question which numerous people asked me ahead. You should record your future blog post for the coming month by searching on Google the questions about your blog’s Niche, and you’ll get hundreds and thousands of results. However, this isn’t enough for you, If this is.

You can also go, where people ask numerous questions about your Niche, and they want answers. So you should write their answers as your blog post and partake them with the URL of your composition, and it’ll also increase your backlinks from Quora and help you get ranked on the topmost results.

So, now you have learned how to find affiliated keywords for your blog. I’ll write a proper case study on keyword exploration where I’ll partake in my secret arrangements that you need to discover keywords.


2.3- Is Blogger Good For Seo?

Yes, why not? Blogger is a product of google. You don’t need to acquire any specialized chops to start because it’s just like filling up your information and blogging.

You don’t need to apply HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP to add new features to it or don’t have to install or uninstall plugins. This is the most straightforward platform for blogging, and the fact is that numerous notorious bloggers started from Blogspot.


2.4- How does a blogger do SEO?

Blogger does SEO by doing proper keyword exploration, writing SEO-optimized papers. They optimize their images, produce backlinks, and share on social media spots. This blog post is about this content; after reading this composition, you’ll be suitable to do SEO of your blog by yourself.

They do SEO. As I’ll educate you in this post, there’s nothing like rocket wisdom. In 2018 google did some blogger updates and removed some plugins from it, and people come to suppose that Google will close blogger soon, but it’s not the fact. It was just to modernize the platform.

There is a plenitude of people who say that they don’t indeed see a blogger point in top results. Do they know about new blogger custom templates? Now, there are custom-made templates available that will look like a proper WordPress point. So, in short, bloggers are still alive and will be.


3- Add your website to webmasters tools

After you have done these introductory settings, you should add your website to webmaster tools like google webmaster, bing webmaster, and yahoo webmaster tools. You have to add your website in google webmasters tools to let Google bots indicator your website faster. However, you have to add it to the webmaster, If you want to indicator your point in hunt machines and want it to appear in hunt results. It’s so simple to add your website to the webmaster’s tools. Then’s how to do it.


3.1- Google Webmasters Tools

To add your blog to google webmasters tools, you have to click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Click on Add a new point, and a pop window will appear like this.



You just have to put your point’s URL there and click on continue. As I’m using a specific URL, I added it in the URL prefix tab, but if you want your full blog to be listed, you should add it in the Domain tab.


google webmaster tool 2


After clicking on continue, you have to corroborate that it’s your blog. In a blog spot, it’s easy to do. Just copy the HTML label, which is the alternate verification option, as in the image below, and bury it inside the head label of your blog.




. To add it to the head label, you have to go and click on the sidebar theme. Also, search for the edit as HTML button and click on it. In the end, paste that law after changing the head label the same as in the image.


4- Submit Sitemap

After you have submitted your blog to google’s webmaster’s tools, make sure to submit its sitemap. You can find your blog’s sitemap byaddingatom.xml?redirect = false & start- indicator = 1 & maximum- results = 500 like my blog’s point chart URL is “ https//” Sitemap.



In this way, you have to add your blog to yahoo, bing, and Alexa hunt machines. You can read our composition on the Blogspot sitemap so that you can get better understandings of it.


5- EnableRobots.txt

After adding your blog to the webmaster’s tools, the coming thing you have to do is to stop google, bing, yahoo, or any hunt machine bot from crawling unconnected content. It’s a stylish practice of SEO because hunt machines like google don’t like indistinguishable content. So, then’s the illustration ofrobots.txt.

Stoner- agent *

Disallow/ label

Disallow/ marker

Disallow/ hunt


Sitemap https//

Blogger robots.txt file

Let me explain to you these lines 1 by 1.

These two markers Disallow “/ label and/ marker” won’t allow any hunt machine to indicator, my runners, with markers. As you know that Google doesn’t like indistinguishable content on your blog. So, this is for blocking the bots from indexing indistinguishable runners.



The label “ disallow hunt” won’t allow google bot to indicator, my hunt runners, as if someone searches blogging on my blog, it’ll induce a URL like HTTPS//, so it’ll indicator more indistinguishable runners that’s why I’m blocking them to indicator.

Allow/ Sitemap https//

These two lines are allowing google bots to indicator my blog’s sitemap. The sitemap is a runner where bots can find the URLs of each and everything of your blog.


6- Custom Robots Tags

My job is to help newcomers so that they can earn from blogging. That’s why I’m explaining everything. Custom robot markers are nearly likerobots.txt, but they’ve some further functionalities. Inrobots.txt, we’ve blocked robots from indexing duplicate data on our point. Now it’s time to let google bots know what to indicator and what not. then are my blog’s custom robots markers.

As you can see in the image over, I’m allowing all robots to indicator my homepage but don’t allow them to indicator the DP of my runner. I’ve enabled the No indicator option in markers and libraries, which won’t let robots indicator these runners. In the last, I’m allowing custom robots markers for the posts and runners to be listed but blocked to indicator their DP.


7- Add Custom Meta Markers in HTML

After you have done nearly everything now, it needs to add some meta markers in your blog’s HTML law. It’s better to add meta markers because this is good for blogger SEO.

For this, log in to your blog and click on the theme. Also, search for the edit as HTML button and click it. When you click edit as HTML, the whole law of your blog will appear. Also, you just have to bury your meta markers in the head label.

Hunt for label and bury the given law below after adding your blog’s proper description and title.

< meta content = ’YOUR BLOG TITLE’ name = ‘ title’ > </ meta>

< meta content = ’Your Blog’s Description Then.’ name = ‘ description’ > </ meta>

< meta content = ’keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3‘ name = ‘keywords’ > </ meta>

. < meta content = ’ indicator, follow‘ name = ‘robots’ > </ meta>

Blogger Search Engine Optimisation

Replace this law’s word with the word of your blog. Like in the description section put the description of your blog and in the keywords section write your keywords and bury them under the head section.


8- ERROR and Redirects

Crimes and redirects do impact blogger SEO. I included this in the list because the callers who click on your blog’s link and find a 404 Redirection Error on your web runner will destroy your point’s followership retention and brio rate. Every time you cancel any of your papers, make sure to add custom redirects on those URLs. To add 404 Crimes or custom redirects, you just have to go to the settings, and the alternate section is 404 Error redirection. From then, you’ll deflect that not plant URL to another post.

9- Use Main keywords in Post Title

You should add the main keyword of your blog posts in the title. I’ll recommend you to place the main keyword 1st in your title and also other words. Else, you can add it anywhere in the title. It’ll tell the hunt machines on which content you have written that post.

Use this option, too, because, in WordPress, you have to install plugins to fit images alt markers. This textbook helps search machines to find out on which keyword your image should be ranked. This is the indispensable title of the images. However, also this textbook will appear beside your image, and adding main keywords in the image alt markers is a good practice of SEO If your image isn’t loaded.

10- Image Optimization

It’s hard to rank on google first runner results on bloggers than WordPress. So, you should do everything which can respect hunt machines. Image optimization means that you have to make sure that the image size is fast loadable.

For this, you should convert your images into jpeg lines and also convert them into web lines from the Webp Train motor. Web image lines are the new generation image format, and google also promotes these train format images. The benefit of using these images is that they can load faster than other train formats. It’ll increase your blog’s loading speed.


11- Use the Main keyword in the first paragraph

This is the thing I should have talked about ahead because if you want to do proper blogger SEO, also you should follow each instruction I’m giving to you. I’ve tête-à-tête anatomized that the hunt description doesn’t come into hunt results. Rather than this, your post’s first 150 words will appear as a description, and google will also consider those lines for your rankings.


12- Use Labels

Markers are just like orders in your blog. Numerous people say that they add affiliated keywords in markers, but it’s wrong. This is only a section where you can produce an order in your blog, and Google will also indicator it. Casting up posts into different orders can boost up your blog’s overall SEO. You just have to do it naturally.


13- Produce Backlinks

Do backlinks still work? Yes, for sure. However, you have to get some backlinks from google’s trusted spots, If you want to rank advanced in google hunt results as soon as possible.

Numerous people start their blogging career and buy backlinks from big spots but go wrong. That’s because they don’t know where to invest. However, go on social media like Quora, Facebook, If you want to get backlinks. Noway try to link your point with illegal content spots. It can be dangerous to your rankings.

Writing guest posts is also the most significant way to get juicy backlinks. For this, you just have to communicate a point proprietor whose website is doing well in google’s hunt results and ask him that you write a post for him. Meanwhile, you have to put nearly 1 link of your point in the post and shoot it to the owner. However, he’ll surely give you that backlink, If the proprietor likes your post.


14- Share on Social Media

When you suppose about creating your blog, please produce its social media accounts because it impacts SEO a lot. I started blogging in 2017 when there was low competition for numerous keywords, and it was easy to rank on google. I remember that I got 6k views only from 1 blog post in 1st week of my blogging career.

So, what did I do to get advanced ranked in advanced results?


When I wrote my 1st composition, I didn’t indeed know to write English. I used to write a judgment in Urdu language and also restate it into English, and it took me nearly 3 hours to write my 1st composition of nearly 300 – 400 words. I just added words related to my post and also participated in them on social media spots.

For the 1st 3 days, I got 200 views per day from Facebook and quora, but google ranked my blog on top results after this. It indicates that when you partake in your point’s link on social media, people tend to click on it and read it. It sends positive signals to the hunt machines that the callers are interested in reading my post. So, Google will surely rank it on the main query and also for other queries.


15- Blog Loading Speed

This is what you have to do when you suppose that you have written a reasonable quantum of papers. Because numerous people just started blogging, and they buy a decoration fast lading theme. This thing only works when you have a commodity on your blog to show up in hunt results. So, in starting a blog, don’t buy a theme. Just use free themes from Gooyabitemplates. Speed Optimisation is a vital part of blogger SEO and then are my blog’s lading pets for desktop and mobile.


But suppose your point owns enough papers, and your runners show up in the top ten queries. This is the right time to increase your runner lading speed to take your website in advanced hunt queries. I’m using a free blogger template, and its lading speed is 90, according to GTMetrix. I’ve deleted the unused CSS, java scripts. The most important thing is that I’m using web train format images. These images are so briskly for lading perspectives.

[wp_show_posts id=”1342″]

15.1- How can you remove unused CSS and JavaScript?

This is the thing you can do if you have some coding chops in CSS and javascript. For this, you have to copy the CSS of your blog and bury it into any of the editors. Open google chrome-> press F12, also click on three blotches-> more tools and elect the content option and reload the blog. Also, you’ll see the law in the content section and elect your blog CSS URL like mine is in the image.

You just have to remove the law stressed with those red lines in your textbook editor and also again bury it from where you copied the law. I’m sure that it’ll boost your blog’s speed, and your blog will show up in the topmost hunt queries.



I suppose you have learned a lot from this post about blogger SEO. I’ve seen that numerous bloggers and YouTubers are just dealing popcorns in the name of advanced SEO ways. These are the effects that everyone will tell you to do your blogger SEO for better rankings. These are what you can do for blogger SEO, but these tips will only work if you’re harmonious in posting papers regularly. I suggest you post nearly 3 papers per week because it’ll increase your trust with hunt machines. Leave a comment down If you like this post or you want to ask me commodity. Thanks for reading my composition.

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